The Trip

At Ray McLaren Charter Fishing we can cater for any type of fishing. Wreck and reef is Ray’s specialty, but certainly not his limitation. Contact us before booking, and let us know if you have any particular requirements and we will certainly do our best to accommodate for you.
On a usual day’s fishing, we set out from the Gosport Ferry Terminal at 6:45am, ready to travel to the wrecks/reefs handpicked by the skipper for the day. Travel times depend heavily on the location of the wrecks/reefs, but Indie is a very fast and powerful boat, so you can be assured that you will have plenty of time to fish.
After a fantastic time catching lots of huge fish, we will head back to the Gosport Ferry Terminal. Depending on the distance travelled and the weather, we usually get back between 4:30pm and 5:00pm.
As Indie is equipped with cooking facilities we provide complimentary tea and sausage/bacon sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. Ask any of our customers and they will surely tell you that our crew can make a mean sandwich!

What To Bring

Full rods and equipment are available to hire on the day. So all we would recommend you bring is:
- Waterproof Clothing. When the fish come out the water the will be wet and slippery. So it is recommended that you protect your clothes.
- Warm clothing. When the fish come out the water the will be wet and slippery. So it is recommended that you protect your Especially in the autumn and winter months, it can get quite choppy out at sea, so be sure to bring enough clothing to wrap up warm.
- Drinking Water. When the fish come out the water the will be wet and slippery. So it is recommended that you protect your Fishing can be thirsty work, so be sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.
- Extra Food. When the fish come out the water the will be wet and slippery. So it is recommended that you protect your Although we provide free sandwiches on the boat, you may want to take something a bit more nutritious with you as fishing can definitely run up an appetite.
- A Camera. When the fish come out the water the will be wet and slippery. So it is recommended that you protect your There will be an almost endless number of photo opportunities on our trips, so we recommend that you make the most of them. Because we sure do!


As our prices change frequently with the fluctuation in diesel prices and other facts, we are unable to display them on our website.
Give us a quick text or phone call on 0770 341 8886 and we will give you the quote right away.
We pride ourselves on providing some of the most competitive prices on the south coast, so feel assured that you are getting fantastic value for money with us.


To park your car for the day we would recommend the Mumby Road Bus Station Car Park
It currently costs £6.00 for a full day of parking and it is right next to the Gosport Fery Terminal
There are other parking facilities in the area, so feel free to investigate. But please make sure to check the terms and conditions of the car park before you leave it there for the day. Would be a huge shame to finnish off an otherwise great day with a parking ticket.


Unfortunately, on some rare occasions, the bad weather conditions mean that we have to slightly adjust our trips, or very rarely cancel them.
If we decide to change or cancel a trip, we will let you know at our earliest opportunity. Then, we will make sure to re-arrange the trip for another day.
If you are unsure or have any concerns about the weather conditions before your trip or think you have missed our call, feel free to call us at any time and we will be more than happy to let you know if the trip is going ahead.
Should you wish to cancel your trip, please let us know at your earliest convenience so that we can re-book the date.
If you cancel and we are unable to re-book the date, or if you do not turn up in time, you may loose any deposit you have paid.
On the day, if you think you will be late, please inform us. We don't mind allowing some time for you to catch up.

Other Services

As we mentioned previously, we can cater for any type of fishing. Please enquire about our other services and see if we can provide a trip to suit you or your party. Contact us today!
-Full Boat Charters
-Multi Day Charters
-Individual Anglers
-Corporate Trips

Fun for all Ages

Anyone and everyone is welcome on our trips, as we can accommodate for the whole family. We will do our up most to provide the perfect way to enjoy spending time with your loved ones. You can be assured that our staff will take the very best care of you and your day, so no matter your age or experience, you will have a fantastic time.

Learn With Us

Never been fishing before? No problem. We are more than happy to show you how to catch and fillet fish on our trips, no previous experience needed whatsoever. We get much more fun watching our customers reel them in than we do catching them ourselves, and with over 40 years of experience, you will be learning from the best.

All New Boat

We have an all-new boat, built bespoke to our highest standards. Indie, named after skipper Ray Mclaren’s daughter, has been built, solely to provide the best fishing experience on the south coast. She is a 10m cat with 20knts cruising speed, featuring a purpose built cabin for anglers, full toilet facilities, kitchen facilities for breakfast and much much more!