Rough Ground Fishing

Ray McLaren charter fishing coast can provide some great fishing trips over the rough ground. The nature of the seabed varies enormously, from flat mud and sand to hard, chalky surfaces and banks of stones. Patches of rough ground broken by stones, rocks, coarse sand, depressions and undulations, attract a variety of natural food for fish, including; crabs, mussels, limpets, winkles, whelks, hermit crabs, peeler and soft crabs, as well as many small fish and marine worms, All these attract quality fish.
Shoals of Bream spend part of their season over these areas, packs of Tope and Smooth-hound hunt there, and the occasional big Skate glides in to feed. There are usually a few clear patches of sand dotted about rough ground, and flatfish settle there. Even big Pollock leave the reefs to rover over rough ground, and Conger up to 40lb can also explore these places.
When deep sea charter fishing with a running leger it is a wise precaution to attach the weight by a length of weaker line, a rotten-bottom or fish the bait just off the seabed to avoid snagging. These risks are worth taking, however, because rough ground marks are capable of providing a great day's fishing.
If the deep sea charter fishing tide is right, a drift across such an area using a pirk or baited feathers can bring in a mixed bag of really good fish. Throughout the winter months we can also catch some big Cod inshore using cuttle and squid baits.

Fun for all Ages

Anyone and everyone is welcome on our trips, as we can accommodate for the whole family. We will do our up most to provide the perfect way to enjoy spending time with your loved ones. You can be assured that our staff will take the very best care of you and your day, so no matter your age or experience, you will have a fantastic time.

Learn With Us

Never been fishing before? No problem. We are more than happy to show you how to catch and fillet fish on our trips, no previous experience needed whatsoever. We get much more fun watching our customers reel them in than we do catching them ourselves, and with over 40 years of experience, you will be learning from the best.

All New Boat

We have an all-new boat, built bespoke to our highest standards. Indie, named after skipper Ray Mclaren’s daughter, has been built, solely to provide the best fishing experience on the south coast. She is a 10m cat with 20knts cruising speed, featuring a purpose built cabin for anglers, full toilet facilities, kitchen facilities for breakfast and much much more!