Fishing Over Reefs

The inshore and offshore reefs which are marked on marine charts as potential danger to shipping are excellent fishing marks. Their caverns, canyons, gullies and plateau hold many of the best sporting species, and big Pollock, Bream, Bass, Cod, Ling and Conger, all running to real specimen weight, are found over, in and at the foot of the reef. This makes for some great sport while deep sea charter fishing.
Conger and ling usually lurk deep in the heart of the reef, and techniques similar to those used in wreck fishing must be employed to get the fish away from their lairs and into open water. The rods used must be capable of fishing 25-30lb line, and numerous breakages can make reef congering an expensive business.
Pollock, Bass and Cod are generally found over and around the reef, and line of 12-17lb is quite adequate. Redgill, Eddystone or Sidewinder lures can prove deadly at these marks, fished on long flowing traces which can also be used to present king rag, live sand eel or mackerel strip in an attractive manner.
The flowing trace should be allowed to stream out in the tide before the weight and boom are lowered into the water, this avoids a tangle as the line is gently dropped down. As the weight touches the seabed, reel in quickly for a few turns, then retrieve the tackle slowly, counting the turns of the handle. This will enable you to assess the depth at which the fish are feeding when you get the first bite. At the next drop you will know where to put the bait.
A bite on one of these long traces is rarely felt, the fish usually signalling its presence by a slow pull. If the hook does not set home on the first strike, continue the retrieve - the fish will often attack the bait a second time.

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